The New Alfa Romeo Mito

Used Alfa Romeo Mito

The Alfa Romeo MiTo was introduced in 2009, and marked for the brand an unusual foray into the used car market more familiar for its stablemate Fiat marque.  It bought with to the sector the classy and desirable styling synonymous with the Alfa Romeo name, and has also been lauded for its performance on the more sporty spec models, and its fuel economy from its more frugal diesel variants.  It has been suggested that the Alfa Romeo may be a case style over substance, with the styling compromising rear passenger accommodation, but if you need a car for regularly carrying a full load of passengers you may wish to look elsewhere in any case.  The overall package makes for a highly desirable small car which may be in quite some demand as it enters the used car market.

Although the oldest models are not yet three years old, early indications are that the Alfa Romeo MiTo will hold its value strongly.  As a result, it may be advisable to shop around to find the best deal possible.  In addition to independent dealerships, used Alfa Romeo MiTo’s should be readily available through approved used car sales at Alfa Romeo’s main dealer network.  This option may give buyers additional piece of mind that the car has been fully checked out the manufacturer standards.  Whichever avenue you go down, it is important to check the service history to ensure any repairs have been carried out by authorised repairs to maintain the warranty if the car is under three years old.

When purchasing a used Alfa Romeo MiTo from private sellers, it is advisable to make sure you have all the information possible relating to the vehicle.  There are a number of companies offering car data check services, which will tell you if the car has been stolen, written off, or has any outstanding finance owed upon it.  It would be much better to have this information up front, so you don’t get any nasty surprises once its too late.