The New Alfa Romeo Mito

Vehicle Leasing

Leasing a car or a vehicle pretty much entails hiring a certain vehicle for a certain amount of time which is agreed upon between the lessee and the lessor. Once you have finished this period of time (usually 2-5 years) you have to return the car to the lessor and then you are abstained of any further responsibilities regarding the vehicle unless you have damaged it or done too many miles in the car (agreements will often include a limit on how many miles you do in the car, although if you know you are going to exceed your agreed mile limit, you can usually buy extra miles which will work out cheaper than any excess charges made after the leasing period). Usually the average amount of miles a passenger car will do in a year is between 12,000 and 15,000, lessors will give the limit to reduce the amount of wear to the vehicle although there is usually room for negotiation if you are willing to pay for extra miles.
There are many advantages to leasing as the leaser will not have to set aside as much cash as they would if they were planning on actually buying the car despite the fact that in the long run they will probably end up spending more money if they choose to lease. It is attractive because it is more manageable as it makes little dents to your savings over a longer period of time, rather than taking a big chunk out in a smaller period of time. Another advantage is the fact that a less is never too far away from a new model and they are always driving cars which are under warranty which is obviously beneficial. A further attractive aspect of leasing is that the lessee is stripped of any worries about depreciation or resale values of the vehicle, as at the end of the lease, they just return the vehicle and replace it with a new one.