The New Alfa Romeo Mito

Comparing The Mito - The Alfa Romeo 147

The Alfa Romeo147 was produced between 2000 and 2010, and it is interesting to make comparisons tp see how current models such as the MiTo have evolved in recent years

Alfa Romeo’s 147 has had a new facelift, along with new easier handling and driving improvements, and a new high-powered diesel engine that saves on fuel costs. This makes the new Alfa an attractive alternative over other petrol powered hatches.

The 147 lacks the cabin space and the true versatility of a family car. The 147 would not be a good family car because it would be costly to buy, especially after selecting a few upgrades. The car has limited space in the cabin and the hatch is fairly small too. The 147 should be viewed as more of an inexpensive alternative to the high-end hatches.  

The 147 is designed more for personality than practicality. Alfa Romeo has taken notice of the competition and has smoothed out many of the rough handling characteristics of the 147. Alfa is trying to reach a broader audience with the newly enhanced 147, Alfa is also hoping that the enhancements will be enough to make the 147 more competitive within this sector. The changes have made the car easier to drive, and the diesel engine has high performance standards, making the 147 a great choice of cars without sacrificing style.


As a premium hatch, Alfa provides a good product at a great value. The diesel engine is a terrific addition to the 147 ensuring fuel savings.

This Alfa is more of a personal purchase rather than a family type car. The car is too small to adequately accommodate family activities. The car is compact yet has a decent amount of cabin space and has a decent amount of room in the hatch. 

The Alfa 147’s fascia controls are large enough and easy enough to operate. The 147 includes steering wheel controls for easier access, and rotary ventilation controls with digital readouts.

The 147’s suspension has been improved and the car now delivers a smoother more enjoyable ride. Other than some wind noise that can be heard from the cabin, the car delivers a quiet ride, buffering out most road and engine noises. Seats can be adjusted for passenger comfort., along with the steering wheel which can also be adjusted for reach and rake.

The car is easily accessible for most front passengers. The doors are large and accommodating, and the seats are high enough that passengers can comfortably enter the car. Access to the rear however, is much more restricted and so is rear legroom. There isn’t an outside release for the hatch, so it must be opened via a key fob, or an access button located on the fascia. The 147 has an exceptionally attractive tailgate that allows decent access to the hatch area.

The 147 is a small car with a great 2.2 steering system that makes parking a much easier feat. Forward visibility is good, but rear visibility can be limited due to the rear screen and small external mirrors. However, Parking sensors are an option offered with the Alfa 147.

Life Style

The car has terrific driver appeal, starting with the fact that the improved suspension allows for a much smoother and more controlled ride, even at higher speeds and on rougher terrain. The car has a tight steering system that works well on open roads as well as in the city. The cars new 150bhp version of the Alfa’s JTD Multi-jet Diesel engine is economical, but it can still deliver when driven hard. For the driver who prefers a petrol engine, the 1.6 petrol engine is an affordable and viable alternative.

Unless you have a very small family, the 147 would not make a good family vehicle. Rear seating is very limited. The Alfa 147 makes a better second car or commuter vehicle.

The less expensive petrol or diesel model might make a good first car for someone who had the financial means to purchase an upscale hatch. Insurance will probably be high, but maintenance and servicing should be fairly reasonable. This vehicle is small enough for easy parking, yet large enough in the cabin for the driver’s comfort.

Alfa Romeo’s 147 has reflected well upon the company’s image. The 147 is not just a reflection of the company’s commitment to creating a great visual product, but this Alfa reflects quality performance as well. Alfa’s flair and style have always drawn fans, but their new dedication to quality performance is keeping fans loyal. The 147 is a reflection of that quality.

Security and Safety

The Alfa Romeo 147 comes with both a car alarm and an immobilizer system. The immobilizer uses a rolling code for additional security. The car alarm is able to detect both internal and external activity.  

Safety is a key feature of the 147. This car comes equipped with twin front airbags, side airbags, and curtain airbags. This is well above industry standards. The car is also equipped with an anti-lock braking system.


The Finishing Touches

The standard system for the 147 includes a radio and CD player. Most models come equipped with eight speakers; however some of the smaller models only have six. The stereo buttons are smaller and sometimes difficult for large hands to work, and bright light sometimes makes it difficult to read the display. There are many unique upgrade features available.

The perfect color for Alfa’s 147 is red. Other colors are available but red seems to suit the 147’s racy personality. The trim can be customized as well. Upholstery options are also available including more upscale options such as leather.


Alfa Romeo’s 147 is an impressive looking car that now sports Alfa’s new nose and many quality performance enhancements. The 147 may never beat its premium competitors, but for less money and with great class and style it is now a viable alternative.