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Business Contract Hire

Many British businesses now use contract hire in order to use vehicles without actually having to buy the vehicle and own it themselves. The contracts usually range from 12 to 60 months. A company may need to acquire many cars at once - one for each of its employees - for example 50 Vauxhall Astras, so contract hire softens the financial blow significantly.
Any business is able to hire their vehicles through this scheme and also get the choice of entering into a maintenance agreement. A relief vehicle and tyre cover may also be available depending upon the contract. Business contract hire is available to limited companies, sole traders and partnerships, and it offers many benefits to those who use it.
Not only does contract hire provide a business with a steady, predictable aspect of the future expenditure (aiding budgeting etc), but it also offers positives with regards to VAT, tax and finance. It also removes the business of any responsibility to dispose of the car or sell it once they have no use for it, which also means that they avoid any risks when it comes to depreciation.